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After agreeing the concept, we flesh out the ideas for the final storyboard which shows more how the finished sequence will look. In the case of TV advertising we send the script off to the compliance process (Clearcast) for their approval before production starts.


Getting to know you is really important to us so, in the first instance, we like to meet either face to face (when restrictions allow) or via a web chat. We believe it's crucial that we completely understand your business, and, what you hope to achieve from your film or ad.

After this we present our recommendations in a briefing document for your perusal. This consultation stage helps us to consolidate our understanding of your ambition and is completely free of charge and without obligation.


The next stage is storyboards where we present at least 3 concepts (but often more).  At this stage we focus on concept, so we show you detailed sketches and scripts. We discuss these with you and hear your feedback.

Process 1.png
Storyboard example.png
storyboard2 fan.png


Next it's light, camera, action and the production begins in earnest. Different commercials require different production techniques, but whether it's live action filming, computer graphics or animation, you are involved at every stage.


After you sign off on the visuals, it's time of the audio. We will discuss a music brief with you and find the perfect voice actor. Then it's off to the sound dub to add the final touches before one last compliance check (for TV ads) and, hey presto, your new ad can hit the airwaves!

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